Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Blue Planet of Life & Death

Life is beautiful and brutal. It is awe and dread. A mixture? A complexity that is not easy for the human ego to digest. Amazing to some and horrific to others. Life from many angles can be overwhelming. Some draw dogmatic lines of certainty to combat awe and dread others seek to be numb through various ways of distraction.
Different realities all existing at the same time. One is born, one dies. One is enjoying food- another starves. One is enjoying pleasure and another suffers in pain. Energy consumed-Energy released.

All happening on such a grand scale of geological time that the human mind is not capable of staying there for too long. Moment of focus vanishes to the necessity of taking care of ones immediate surroundings. Existence is beyond the human box of dogma-life is. Living In Finite Existence. Amazing and Horrific. Cultural distraction or religious identity becomes the stage for some. For others the abyss is something to face. To paraphrase- if a better way there be it involves looking at the worst and the best of life. Some choose dogmatic lines to define life. But life does not fit into human boxes. It does not consider the human ambition to be certain and in control. Laughter and tears-comedy and tragedy on the same face. To deny the beauty would be cynical to deny the suffering would be dishonest and a lack of awareness.

The uncertainty of life and the certainty of death unite all of us who come to this existence on this blue planet. Experiences vary but death reaches us all. Perhaps there can be solidarity in this knowledge. Being aware of our fragile existence can drive us to a more gentler and kinder humanity. The wisdom that comes from "the curriculum of misfortune."