Monday, November 11, 2013

The Imagination for Reality

This little Island of Life in the Universe is a multitude of worlds. A spectrum of realities that do not fit into the limited human boxes of dogma. This life on Earth comes from the guts of Stars. What does that tell one of the Stars? It is beautiful, brutal, awesome and dreadful. There is cruelty and compassion within the various conscious creatures and realities on Earth.
There is warm kindness and there is cold indifference. The Beauty and the Cruelty on Earth are overwhelming to the human mind that suppresses these realities within ideologies that give shelter to the heat and cold in the Universe. Cosmic Complexity crushes human matchstick boxes of dogma. In a world like this "nothing is so strong as gentleness."
I think that too much cynicism can lead to paralysis. On the flip side too much optimism can lead to denial of some truth. So it seems we need a mixture that allows for awareness and positive action. It is a difficult dance since we humans do have our limitations. But a dance worth trying.
What can be problematic is partialization and our limitations to stay in one spectrum of reality when there are many.

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