Friday, January 10, 2014

What information you download and how you store it

The same information will impact individual brains in various ways. The same fact or piece of information will be downloaded in the human mind and filed into different folders so to speak depending on the person.
One person may put it under the file depressing or the other inspiring. One may put it in the folder absurd and another person put it in the folder wise. One person will take a fact and put into the folder reasons for faith and that same type of information in another persons brain will be put in the folder reasons for doubt.
One brain will take a piece of infomation and delete right away and send it to the recycle bin and the other will take that piece of information and put into a folder they use everyday.
That is the nature of human brains they grow out of the specific soil of the particular human beings experience, environment, and physiology.
What you download (the type of information coming in) is important but so is what you dowload that information to (your present consciousness and pattern of thought).
Here is how a Christian Minister is downloading the information coming in from Astronomy versus how it is being downloaded by the Astrophysicist Neil degrasse Tyson.

Christian Minister: “God is huge! He is ginormous! He is greater than every thought we have ever had of Him.”

Neil degrasse Tyson: "What are the lessons to be learned from this journey of the mind [through the
universe]? That humans are emotionally fragile, perennially gullible, hopelessly ignorant masters of an insignificantly small speck in the cosmos.
The more I learn about the universe, the less convinced I am that there's any sort of benevolent force that has anything to do with it, at all.” 

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