Friday, July 11, 2014

Useful Memes vs. True Statements continued

There is a difference between useful provincial memes and universally valid statements. For instance the statement "hard work leads to success" is a good useful meme provincially but it is not universally valid. Success can come at different times for a variety of reasons but as a useful meme it is good to operate with a meme to program or trigger action. Another example "Fortune favors the brave" is a good useful meme to encourage or trigger action but again it is not universally valid because sometimes being brave is not enough for good fortune.
Benjamin Franklin who wrote many popular wisdom sayings stated "The early bird catches the worm." However when he was working successfully as an Ambassador to France for the United States government he would stay up late with his French network and sleep in. His diplomatic efforts in France required a different type of schedule and work than his particular meme about the early bird.
Self Esteem memes or motivational memes may be useful in a provincial and personal context but that does not mean they are universally valid and that it considers and encompasses every important fact and variable.

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