Friday, July 17, 2015

Organizing Chaos

Organizing chaos. That is society. The economy runs on the illusion of normalcy. Society runs on the illusion of merit, order, and fairness. How random and chaotic are the fates of men and women and yet the general populous operates as if the positions they hold are merited and ordered. We organize the chaos with language and illusion but we do not in truth control the chaos.
What is there to grab to make life sensible. It is utterly absurd. We mortal creatures with our biological limitations and strange prefrontal cortex that adds this consciousness and awareness are to be celebrated or pitied? We machines who create machines. Billions of sentient meat machines on Earth. The meat machines are most content when they are doing what meat machines are designed to do. Eat, sleep, copulate, work... and most important, believe. When the machines start to question their existence the wiring can go bad and no longer operate at an optimal level of synaptic connection.

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